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    Our Centre has many collaborators – research fellows, postgraduate students, practitioners, academics and industry partners, spanning many countries, backgrounds and areas of expertise.

    Below we list some key collaborators who are driving innovation in research and training activity supported through the centre.

    We are establishing a major international footprint, working with a wide range of organisations, particularly police and child protection bodies.

Ms Laura Hartnell


Laura is a professional actor. She represents the voice of abused children and adults in simulated training interviews.

Dr Jarrad Lum

Senior Researcher

Jarrad is best known for his research on child language impairment.

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Ms Anne Sophie Pichler


Anne Sophie has Honours degrees in Law and Psychology. Her specialty relates to evidence in child sexual assault cases (contemporary and historical).

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Dr Karen D’Souza


Karen’s research and teaching relates to the identification, evaluation and monitoring of doctor-patient information gathering skills.

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Prof Carolina Navarro


Carolina has more than 18 years’ experience working with abused children in psychotherapy, prevention and investigation. She oversees the implementation of child interviewer training reform in the Chilean justice system.

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Professor Helen Skouteris

Senior Researcher and University Administrator

Helen is a child developmental psychologist with expertise in translational science. She is a research collaborator and offers practical support relating to Centre governance.

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Mr Jon Kerr

Jon assists with the credentialing of the Centre’s courses.

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Ms Samantha Semmens

Writer and Editor

Samantha has a Masters degree in English Literature. She provides ongoing writing and editorial support.

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