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    Our Centre has many collaborators – research fellows, postgraduate students, practitioners, academics and industry partners, spanning many countries, backgrounds and areas of expertise.

    Below we list some key collaborators who are driving innovation in research and training activity supported through the centre.

    We are establishing a major international footprint, working with a wide range of organisations, particularly police and child protection bodies.

Mr Aylwin Yap

Research Assistant

Aylwin provides assistance with data and statistical management. He has a developing interest in particularisation of autobiographical events.

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A/Prof Jacinthe Dion


Jacinthe is a clinical psychologist with expertise in child and adolescent investigative interviewing and safety within university communities.

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Dr Chelsea Leach

Researcher and Forensic Psychologist Registrar

Chelsea is trained in both Law and Psychology. Her research expertise relates to data management and case tracking of child sexual assault cases.

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Mr Liam Firmager

Director and Editor

Liam films, directs and edits video content for the Centre.

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Ms Veronica Johnston


Veronica is developing a research profile in the application of best-practice interviewing within the school setting.

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Ms Lynn Barry

Consultant to and founder of Canadian Child Abuse Association (CCAA)

Lynn has been teaching and developing training programs on forensic interviewing in Canada for over 30 years. The Centre collaborates in vulnerable witness interview training with the CCAA.

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Mrs Kim Jackman

Multimedia Services Manager

Kim has 25 years’ experience in creating educational materials. She assists in the development of the Centre’s online learning and assessment programs.

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Mr Daniel Steen

Multimedia Designer

Daniel is a multimedia designer at DeakinPrime, and is responsible for the creation and implementation of the digital learning assets for the Centre.

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